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Vedic Astrology Webring - This ring is about Jyotish or vedic astrology as it is called these days.

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Vedic Astrology Webring

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This ring is about Jyotish or vedic astrology as it is called these days.

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When Lord Shiva Lets loose the Ganga - 06/21/2013

340 mm of rain fall on the 15th June,2013,375% higher than the normal monsoon rainfall caused the divine river Ganga and its tributaries to flood  the state of Uttarakhand.About 60,000 people are stranded at various holy places and thousands are missing till date and many declared dead. Nothing was left behind at the Kedarnath temple area apart from the holy shrine.Many hotels,building,bridges and roadways collapsed across the state.Following is a writeup on the floods and the damage caused on wikipedia. On a study of the astrological factors which contributed to the devastation we can see Neptune and Saturn playing a significant role in the event.Following are the contributing factors :   1.In the Rasi Chart,Neptune, the God of all watery sources, is currently transiting in the constellation of Satabhisha.,in the sign of Aquarius,which is an airy sign.Ruling diety of  Satabhisha constellation is Varuna who causes rains and storms.In the present context, Neptune turned retrograde on the 5th of June. Retrogression of Neptune and being in the star of Rahu shows strong karmic forces in action. 2.In the Trimsamsa chart for 15th June we can see Retrograde Neptune conjunct with Retrograde Pluto and Retrograde Saturn over the Galactic centre. If we observe the longitudes in the Trimsamsa chart both Neptune and Saturn both being retrograde are in the constellation of Moola.Which is lorded over by Niritti,the go...

When Lord Shiva Lets loose the Ganga

All Threads |   All Posts   ]

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