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Vedic Astrology Webring - This ring is about Jyotish or vedic astrology as it is called these days.

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Vedic Astrology Webring

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This ring is about Jyotish or vedic astrology as it is called these days.

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Dhari Devi's Displacement Reason for Uttarakhand Floods - 06/27/2013

In continuation to my earlier post on the Uttarakhand floods about the astrological factors which caused the devastating floods, i would like to make another important observation in the same context .So much has been said and written about the shifting of the Idol of Dhari devi just before the flash floods in Uttarakhand.Below is a link to the news brief about the issue: Uttarakhand floods: Dhari Devi’s wrath – myth or reality The Idol is said to be shifted from its original place on a small island in the Alkananda river to an elevated location close to its original position to avoid it being submerged in waters due to construction of a Hydal Power Project in the area.It is said there was lightening followed by heavy rain and cloud burst just after the idol is shifted. The temple of Dhari devi (a manifestation of Kali devi) is said to be one of the Shakti Peethas and is believed to be the guardian diety of the Uttarakhand.Shifting of the idol surely is the cause of the cloud burst and floods. In my earlier post  When Lord Shiva Lets loose the Ganga i made an observation that in the Trimsamsa chart on the day,  Retrograde Neptune being conjunct with Retrograde Pluto and Saturn over the Galactic centre,was in the constellation of Moola which is lorded over by Niritti, the Goddess who delivers the curses of Gods. Shifting of the Idol and the Floods at the time when planets in Trimsamsa were thus placed in the constellation Lorded over by Niritti prove a very impo...

Dhari Devi's Displacement Reason for Uttarakhand Floods

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