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Vedic Astrology Webring - This ring is about Jyotish or vedic astrology as it is called these days.

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This ring is about Jyotish or vedic astrology as it is called these days.

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An Aghora's astrological chart - Some amazing correlations - 09/11/2013

About an year back i received the birth details of an Aghora Sadhaka  who was about to be promoted as the Chief of their Group from a very credible source. Here in is a link to the writeup about the Aghoras and their Sadhana on the wiki : Aghoras many of us may not know follow some very  weird methods like practicing cannibalism,roaming around in the Smasaanas/burial grounds among some other things which cannot be discussed, to attain spiritual emancipation. Studying the above chart we find some very strong and peculiar correlations to his nature of sadhana / spiritual practices and the planetary combinations. His ascendant is Leo and the second house is Virgo which is an 'Earthy' sign.Virgo signifies 'Gardens'. There is a multi planetary conjunction in the sign Virgo strongly aspecting his Eigth house 'Pisces'. Eigth is the house which shows knowledge of the Occult subjects.Pisces is the Twelth and the last house of the natural zodiac and signifies emancipation.This connection of  Eigth house( of occult subjects) in his chart  and the twelth house ( of emancipation) of the natural zodiac involving a strong multi planetary aspect over it is the reason of his getting into the practice of Aghora i believe. A8 falling into his Ninth house is another important aspect which contributed to his following Aghora sadhana.  In addition to the above, there is another important aspect in his chart,that is of the placement of&n...

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