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The Best Canadian Websites! Canadian history. Canadian facts. Canadian maps. Canadian travel. Canadian art. Canadian celebrities. Everything about Canada. Join Today! Only the Best are Entered! Your site can be about Anything Canadiana, CBC or CTV, TV Shows like Power Play or Due South, Music, etc...

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   Stoking fundamentalist fury Preview Go
"I'm a Muslim atheist. When I see things going wrong in my community — those with whom I share a history — I have an obligation to make it known and challenge it."
   Canada Vs Asia Preview Go
Can Canada's industrial base survive Asian Competition? Manufacturing accounts for more than one-sixth of Canada's output and is a source of well-paying jobs. The industry has survived a number of transformational events but now China and other emerging Asian economies present new competition just as the Canadian dollar is soaring.
   The Prank That Destroyed Stockwell Day Preview Go
Five years ago, during the winter of 2001 I decided to play a prank on Stockwell Day, the then leader of the Canadian Alliance Party. Instead I accidentally destroyed his career... Read how one person really can make a difference and change the course of history for all of Canada.

   Canadian Permatemps Preview Go
Currently about 13 per cent — or close to 1.7 million — of Canadian workers are temporary, performing contract, seasonal, casual or agency work. But whereas one in 10 new hires was a temporary worker in 1989, that ratio has risen to one in five, according to Statistics Canada.
   Brian Mulroney Vs Stephen Harper? Preview Go
Mulroney is starting to look pretty good in comparison.
   Canadians favour Bob Rae to lead Liberals Preview Go
Bob Rae is the favourite among Canadians to lead the Liberals even though he trails MP Michael Ignatieff in committed delegates to the party's December leadership convention, according to a new poll.
   Environment hurt by Quebec Separatism Preview Go
David Suzuki believes Canada could have been a world leader in adopting Kyoto Protocol emission targets if former federal environment minister Lucien Bouchard had chosen the environment over Quebec sovereignty.
   Conservative Eccentric Preview Go
Canadian right-wing blogger with centrist voting habits.
   Poverty in Canada Preview Go
If Canada's poor weren't so conveniently invisible, maybe we'd come to our moral senses and devise a national strategy for eliminating poverty.
   Taliban Ambush Kills Two Canadians Preview Go
Two Canadian soldiers died Saturday in an ambush of rocket-propelled grenades and gunfire as they guarded a road that’s become a prime target for insurgent attacks west of here.

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