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The Ring of RIFTS - The Ring of RIFTS is dedicated to bringing under one collective umbrella all of the different sites based on Palladium B

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The Ring of RIFTS

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The Ring of RIFTS is dedicated to bringing under one collective umbrella all of the different sites based on Palladium Books’ blockbuster RPG, RIFTS.

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   Hounds of Hell - A tale of adventure Preview Go
Hounds of Hell. A tale of a mercenary group from futuristic rifts earth.
   Graphix-Goblin's Rifts Material Preview Go
Metric, Current Campaign, Some cool pics, Good neurosis's, Errata, an example computer terminal. Have a look, request a picture!..
   Vortex Rifts Preview Go
This site is dedicated to my Rifts Campaign. Covering not only campign details (people, places, and parties) but also rule varients, new magic (including a complete set of spell lists), new skills (including a complete skill list), new equipment, and a complete section on new DBee's and generating aliens and supernatural races.

   Meefman's Rifts Page Preview Go
Spells, Races, Techno-Wizardry, OCC's, Equipment, Humor, Weapons, Armor, Cities, NPC's, and more! Will accept submissions from anyone!
   Canadian Rifts Preview Go
Dedicated to Rifts combat, the Coalition, Tolkeen and tactics. Canadian Rifts, Since 1997
   Sir Tenzan†'s RIFTS Gallery Preview Go
This site was started in September of '96. It contains original creations introduced by the Red River Valley Gaming Group, based on Palladium Books' RIFTS RPG.
   Side Three: Gundam and RPG Page Preview Go
Besides the obvious Gundam theme, I also have adventures for Robotics, campaigns for Mecha!, a complete map of the Rifts United States, and an East Coast Rifts Campaign.
   Project: RIFTS Preview Go
Mostly ALL original material that I've generated for my campaign. Items, R.C.C.'s, O.C.C.'s, Maps, Adventure notes, Player Characters, NPC's, new Vehicles, New Weapons, even a High level mercenary company based out of South America.
   Chris' Rifts Page Preview Go
King Industries, an interdimensional corporation going bankrupt, magic discussion, new magic, the Rolandarri R.C.C., siege on Jupiter, adventures, new alien generation tables coming soon, and about finished the temporal theory page!
   Rifts Wiki Preview Go
The wiki about the Rifts Roleplaying Game that anyone can edit.

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