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Star Trek RPGs WebRing - Star Trek online roleplaying games of all types. Play by email (PBeM), bulletin board (PBB), chat (IRC), and others. Tre

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Manager: frogcc
Star Trek online roleplaying games of all types. Play by email (PBeM), bulletin board (PBB), chat (IRC), and others. Trek play online or by email or even mail.


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   The USS Zion Preview Go
The USS Zion is an PBEM (play by email) simulation about the adventures of the crew on a sovereign class starship in Star Trek Rebellion universe. Star Trek: Rebellion is a PBEM game set in an alternate universe where the Maquis Rebellion developed into a full-fledged Federation Civil War. Join a whole new adventure where the fight is to make the Federation free again.
   Bravo Fleet's Task Force 17 LIVE IRC-based Star Trek Preview Go
Star Trek has live IRC-based RPG sims!! :) Task Force 17 is now recruiting!! We currently have 3-4 ships waiting for CO's and we have pretty much every Star Trek position open onboard our ships. If you are interested please go to www.tf17.org. If you have IRC please visit us our server it is irc.bravofleet.com Port: 6667 /join #bravofleet!!
   USS Jydian NCC-51355 Preview Go
The USS Jydian is a Medical Research and Transport Vessel. She is a part of Spartan Fleet, with in the Cochrane Task Force.

   Star Trek After Earth Preview Go
Star Trek AE is a PBeM game set in the year 2477. The fleet history is based from the last Star Trek movie, Nemesis.
   Welcome to Star Trek Titan Fleet Preview Go
Titan fleet is star trek simming group set in 2384 taking on all kinds of published canon. It is split into 3 Task Forces, TF1 set at the moon of Titan, TF2 set in the gamma quadrant coordinating exploration and salvage of ships, old, new, foreign and for our use. The war maybe gone but conflicts and wars don't end there. TF3 is a new task force but is looking for more COs and simmers.
   ShiKahr: The Emerald City Preview Go
This is a Star Trek universe based play by email roleplaying game that concentrates on Vulcans, a Star Trek race with rich and elaborate culture and history.
   The RPG academy Preview Go
This is an unofficial site dedicated to helping newbees to the Role Playing Game world get along. I know from experience how difficult it is to find out the right way to do things while the rest of the crew is getting irritated with your lack of knowledge, so I've dedicated this site to all your ST: RPG information requirements
   Starfleet Strategic Response Fleet Preview Go
Who will you be? A starfleet Captain, Counsellor or engineer? The Starfleet Strategic Response Fleet needs you for the unknown!

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