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Eggdrop Bots and Tcl Scripts - This webring is for: 1) Public -- a place to find the necessary resources for the thousands of eggdrop users... resource

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Eggdrop Bots and Tcl Scripts

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Manager: barkerjr
This webring is for: 1) Public -- a place to find the necessary resources for the thousands of eggdrop users... resources such as scripts and installation/operation help. 2) Members -- a network of users who develop the eggdrop source code and Tcl scripts used in the bots. It can also serve as a place for *eggdrop help* IRC channels to link together to provide a stronger support.

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CrackerOp TCL Script for Eggdrop
The official page for CrackerOp.tcl which secures op modes sent to the server by a bot using _dynamic_ cookies. (http://crackerop.tcls
SpiKe's TCL Scripts
Offering TCL script downloads as well as extensive information on bogustrivia, irc, mirc, eggdrop, windrop and more
Dutch/English egghelp site by vlo007
Dutch/English help site. Info about installing eggdrop/windrop/module s/psybnc on your system. A lot off downloads and info about the msg commands. An eggdrop Forum and a chatbox where you can ask several questions... I hope you can find everything you're searching for. Otherwise you've to take a look at the link page...
RJR Software Co
Site used to promote my new version of my eggdrop config creator application, which makes the creation of eggdrop config files as easy and quick as can be.
#eggies homepage
#eggies is an eggdrop/windrop support channel on Undernet and various other nets, offering support for beginners or advanced eggdrop/TCL questions on Linux and Windows platforms.

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Eggdrop Bots and Tcl Scripts

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