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World War II WebRing - A ring for ALL sites containing stories, information or links to anything regarding World War II. Come here for the best

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World War II WebRing

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A ring for ALL sites containing stories, information or links to anything regarding World War II. Come here for the best WWII sites the web has to offer.


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Find USS Baltimore & WWII battleships -
FREE WWII Naval Art for You Today! + NEW World War Two military prints of U.S.S. Baltimore CA-68, W.W. II US Navy battleships, heavy cruisers, aircraft carriers, destroyer escorts, DE's, APD's, LCVP's. USS Pennsylvania BB-38, Langley CVL-27, Wisconsin BB-64, Yorktown CV-5, Missouri BB-63, Raymond DE-341, Leyte Gulf, kamikazes & more
Troop Trains
Troop Trains were important to the United States in previous Wars. The first war in which trains were used to carry Americans to battle was the Mexican War in 1846. Extensive use of trains to carry troops occurred in both World Wars. We have great pictures and great stories about troop trains. Related topics such as Governor's Island Railroad and ammunition trains.
Vietnam Troop Train and WW2 Troop Train Slide Show
Story of Vietnam-era troop trains. The last major troop train to be used was in 1965 when 15,000 men and their equipment from the 1st Infantry Division (the Big Red One) rode the rails from Ft. Riley, Kansas, to Oakland, California on their way to Vietnam. Photos of a trip from Texas to New York City (World War II) as an armored division brings its equipment and troops to the port.
Ray's Home Page, X-4 Missile and More
This site contains photographs of a restored WW2 German X-4 air to air guided missile also detailed technical data.The X-4 was the world's first practical air to air guided missile. Please visit my Historical Artifacts and Engraved Powder Horn sites while you are here.
A Whisker Past Midnight -- a screenplay
A furry tale of peril on the high seas, as two Jewish mice face down a pack of Nazi rats masquerading as an ocean liner crew. U-boats are circling, big band music fills the air, and a femme fatale fox wants the hero for lunch.

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